Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Tip- Displaying Your Collections

Collecting is a natural extension of individuals and the things they love and it really expresses your personality. A small group of any item can be a collection. Objects do not have to be expensive. You may not even be aware that you are a collector! I collect lots of things..vintage leather books, vintage typewriters, vintage postcards, milk glass, old silverware. I love vignettes of pretty things!! It's a shame to keep the things out of sight that make you happy when you look at them~!

Here are few tips for displaying your collections on shelves, walls, etc. I'll do a separate post soon about Holiday Displays!

For Shelves:

  • For the most part, scale objects from largest to smallest, from back to front.
  • Maintain a cohesive look by using a theme- either similar items of shape or color.
  • Windowsills can double as shelves.
  • Add a few items of interest in as well.

On Walls:

  • A fluid display can be created by combining round plates and square prints, with a similar theme, in a repeating pattern.
  • Display small items on top of pictures and door frames such as architectural elements, keys, etc.
  • Look for unused walls in your home such as the staircase or hallway to display family photos, plates or mirrors.


Other Ideas for Displaying Collectibles:

  • Use a contrasting backdrop to accentuate objects displayed.
  • Fill a large glass container with glass ornaments combined with rocks, shells, or other elements from nature.
  • Place a mirror on a flat surface. Then combine a candle garden (a group of candles of different diameters and heights).
  • A wagon or baby buggy are creative items to display collections in.
  • A very small plate, on a stand, can adore one side of a pedestal sink. Reserve the space on the opposite side for a decorative soap, or soap dish.
  • Display vintage clothing on a dressmaker’s stand, or use a hanger to suspend apparel from the stem of a wall sconce. A hat on top of the stand finishes the appearance.
  • In a kitchen: a hutch, a baker’s rack, or a desk with shelving above.
  • Fireplace mantels are always an obvious location to arrange a display.
  • In a room with limited space, place a console table against a wall, position a sofa in front of it, and display a collection on the shelf you’ve created behind.
  • Use an armoire, with the doors left open. In addition to placing items on the shelves of the armoire and a Secretary’s desk makes a fine display case in a living room, family room or study.

Here are a few pictures of pretty collections..

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