Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~!! Finding a good..


Another thing I L-O-V-E

and have lots of is...

~ Mirrors ~

I guess you've figured out by now, I like lots of things...and my house

and my garage,

is full of


that I


and can't live without!

One of the popular items that can gracefully beautify a home are mirrors. These can add style to your home while being functional. They also can be used in every room in your house!

Another thing I love is finding a good bargain (and justifies getting one in every color, right?) and one place I go to regularly is Target. They have so many pretty things and I have to be totally focused on what I'm going in there for or I get lost for hours, perusing up and down every single for now we will focus on their mirrors! I especially love the Starburst Mirrors. They're showing up everywhere and are in all the magazines and catalogs.

Here's one from Crate and Barrel for $299

and one just like it at Target for $79.99!!!

That's a $219.01 savings..which one will you choose??

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