Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday's Word...


(pronounced "ett-u-ghay")

Crafted from wood or metal and consisting of at least three shelves, the étagère will be at home in any room of your house, from the kitchen to the bath.

Try one in the kitchen to hold spices or cookbooks. Maybe one in the dining room with your antique china and a potted plant or two is just what you need to warm up the space? Or maybe in the corner of the living room with a few books and other treasures, your étagère will complete the space with a little French flair. Try one in the bedroom to hold sweaters or jewelry alongside your vanity. One in the bathroom for your favorite bath salts and bubbles supplies elegant storage for a small space. The uses of etageres are endless and the great thing is that no matter where you put them they'll fit right in with a polished grace.

The étagère was very popular in France and England in the late 1800's. This highly decorative piece of furniture was and is not only functional but stylish as well. An étagère offers a graceful and elegant way to show off and store books and other treasures.

I have one in our living room that is filled with everything from antique books to baby pictures, special cards that my daughters made me, and even glassware- all in one piece of furniture. This is a versatile piece of furniture that I would recommend investing in.
The one pictured above is on my list to purchase because I already have the credenza that matches it!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~!!!

I am in Love with all the "Owl Craze" and
I especially like glossy, white things...
So, I found this cute little Owl for my Fall decorations at one of my
Favorite Stores..

Price $14.99 (which isn't a bad price).

I didn't get it..
So, on the way home from Nashville, I stopped at my local
GW Store
and found this one..
for $1.25

Then, I went to Lowe's and bought a Glossy White can of Spray Paint

for 0.98 cents

and made this...

For $2.23 + tax.

Not bad for a day's work.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifty Thursday~!! Finding a good..


Another thing I L-O-V-E

and have lots of is...

~ Mirrors ~

I guess you've figured out by now, I like lots of things...and my house

and my garage,

is full of


that I


and can't live without!

One of the popular items that can gracefully beautify a home are mirrors. These can add style to your home while being functional. They also can be used in every room in your house!

Another thing I love is finding a good bargain (and justifies getting one in every color, right?) and one place I go to regularly is Target. They have so many pretty things and I have to be totally focused on what I'm going in there for or I get lost for hours, perusing up and down every single for now we will focus on their mirrors! I especially love the Starburst Mirrors. They're showing up everywhere and are in all the magazines and catalogs.

Here's one from Crate and Barrel for $299

and one just like it at Target for $79.99!!!

That's a $219.01 savings..which one will you choose??

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday's Word..

Another one of my favorite things...Damask (pronounced dam - uh sk)

The word, interestingly, derives its name from fine patterned fabrics produced in Damascus (Syria) in the Euroopean Middle Ages. Damask was originally wholly of silk but gradually the name came to be applied to a certain type of patterned fabric, regardless of fiber. Damask wallpaper was once reserved for formal dining rooms or other formal rooms in the home.

This beautiful pattern is also used on furniture, textiles, dishes, bedding, pencils, purses in all different colors.

This is one of my favorite patterns. I have it all over the place...on pens, on my planner, my calendar, my storage boxes, etc.

Here are some pretty black and white things...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Tip- Displaying Your Collections

Collecting is a natural extension of individuals and the things they love and it really expresses your personality. A small group of any item can be a collection. Objects do not have to be expensive. You may not even be aware that you are a collector! I collect lots of things..vintage leather books, vintage typewriters, vintage postcards, milk glass, old silverware. I love vignettes of pretty things!! It's a shame to keep the things out of sight that make you happy when you look at them~!

Here are few tips for displaying your collections on shelves, walls, etc. I'll do a separate post soon about Holiday Displays!

For Shelves:

  • For the most part, scale objects from largest to smallest, from back to front.
  • Maintain a cohesive look by using a theme- either similar items of shape or color.
  • Windowsills can double as shelves.
  • Add a few items of interest in as well.

On Walls:

  • A fluid display can be created by combining round plates and square prints, with a similar theme, in a repeating pattern.
  • Display small items on top of pictures and door frames such as architectural elements, keys, etc.
  • Look for unused walls in your home such as the staircase or hallway to display family photos, plates or mirrors.


Other Ideas for Displaying Collectibles:

  • Use a contrasting backdrop to accentuate objects displayed.
  • Fill a large glass container with glass ornaments combined with rocks, shells, or other elements from nature.
  • Place a mirror on a flat surface. Then combine a candle garden (a group of candles of different diameters and heights).
  • A wagon or baby buggy are creative items to display collections in.
  • A very small plate, on a stand, can adore one side of a pedestal sink. Reserve the space on the opposite side for a decorative soap, or soap dish.
  • Display vintage clothing on a dressmaker’s stand, or use a hanger to suspend apparel from the stem of a wall sconce. A hat on top of the stand finishes the appearance.
  • In a kitchen: a hutch, a baker’s rack, or a desk with shelving above.
  • Fireplace mantels are always an obvious location to arrange a display.
  • In a room with limited space, place a console table against a wall, position a sofa in front of it, and display a collection on the shelf you’ve created behind.
  • Use an armoire, with the doors left open. In addition to placing items on the shelves of the armoire and a Secretary’s desk makes a fine display case in a living room, family room or study.

Here are a few pictures of pretty collections..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Friday- Fireplaces...

We have an area in our backyard where I am dying to do something like this....

Fireplaces this size are pretty expensive, so I would settle for one of these...
Have a Great Fall Friday~!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wednesday's Word

If you are just now joining me, I am going through the ABC's of Design Terms. Each Wednesday I will post a new design term and this week we are on the letter "C".

Last week we talked about one of my favorites, the "Barcelona Chair" and I'm very excited about this week's post as it is one of my favorites too!

So let's not wait any longer to get a good look at this beauty...

~The Chesterfield Sofa~

The Chesterfield sofa conjures images of formally attired gentlemen sequestered in a dark paneled study, sipping brandy and smoking cigars. Throughout history the Chesterfield sofa has come to represent many things to different people. The Victorian era saw the Chesterfield as the key piece in living rooms, where gentlemen relaxed while their wives sat in chairs crafting needlepoint. Throughout the years, Chesterfield sofas have graced the palaces of royalty, prominent business offices, hotels, restaurants, gentleman's clubs and luxurious private homes.

Today the Chesterfield is synonymous with elegance and class in interiors all over the world, of every architectural and decorating style. Regardless of what it represents to many, the Chesterfield steadfastly remains the sofa that embodies the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. It's a classic and worth the investment.

Here are a few more in other pretty colors..





and this one from Restoration Hardware...I want my room to look just like this...

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's a Fall Friday...

To find out about this week's Thrifty Thursday find, click on my Interior Alternatives Facebook Page to become a fan! I'm shooting for 100 Fans!!

But for today, it's a fabulous Fall Friday and it's sooo beautiful outside!~! It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and mine starts now...

so I'm off to see...


So, everyone have a GREAT weekend!!