Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday's Word..Barcelona Chair I also have a minor obsession with furniture, especially chairs!! Sometimes I hyperventilate when I see pieces I love in stores and I just have to turn around, walk out...breathe... and then walk back in. Also, it seems like everything I like is super expensive! Put me in a room full of stuff without price tags and I'll somehow pick out the most expensive things, but I think it just means I have to be more creative to get the look I want. That's what so unique about my business, Interior Alternatives. You get the look want without the high price tag. We will talk about that in another post...

One of my all time favorites is the Barcelona Chair. If you find an original, it will cost a fortune but the look is unmistakable! It was designed by Luwig Mies Van der Rohe and his long time partner and companion Lilly Reich. Luwig Mies van der Rohe worked for Peter Behrens in his architectural firm. He was one of the most influential architects to design furniture. In 1926 he produced one of the first tubular steel framed cantilever chairs. Interestingly, for the International Exposition in Barcelona, 1929, he designed the German pavilion. He moved to USA and became the Dean of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Here are some really beautiful ones I'm crazy about... maybe one day they'll share a life with me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Tip..Lamp shades

Today I want to talk about lamps. I am addicted to lamps!! I love them..I could eat them! I have at least 30 lamps in my house. I have 8 in my living room...and I must have this cute little thing from Target!! I know I can find a spot for it, somewhere...??

Anyway, not every lamp that you find or purchase comes with a shade and sometimes it seems that you find the perfect lamp but cannot locate the perfect shade. So, when shopping for a shade to match your lamp, there are a few tips you need to keep in mind.

Match the Base - Think size, shape, style, and color. Larger lamp bases require larger shades. Square bases may look better with a square shade but your goal is to match the “mood” of the base. Or if you want to mix up a style, purposefully put a modern round or square shade with a traditional or antique lamp base.

Compliment the Base - A shade should make the base look better without competing with it for attention. Decide what you want your lamp to be in the accessory or a main focal piece. If your base is really unique, choose a simple shade to draw attention to the special features of the lamp. Or, if your base is plain and simple, choose a patterned, painted, or leather (textured) shade to add some flare to your lamp. Target has some really cool lamps shades to choose from to accent plain lamps.

Hide the Switch - Your shade should just barely cover the switch. Try different sized harps or add a shade riser to fine-tune your shade fit.

Sizing Rules of Thumb- - Shade height should be about 3/4 the height of the base. - The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base. - Shade width should approximately equal the height from bottom of base to socket.

Consider the Use - Reading lamps need a wider shade to provide plenty of light. Smaller, darker, or shades made of less transparent material are better for mood lighting.

Consider the Bulb - Be sure you have 3 inches of separation from bulb to shade, especially for higher wattage bulbs. Be sure the top opening is wide enough to vent the heat. Compact fluorescent bulbs are great for most lamps because they burn cooler, but you may need larger harp since CFL's are taller than standard light bulbs.

Here are some really cool lamp shades of proper size and shape for their bases:

I hope this helps you on your next buying trip for beautiful lamps!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!!

No one loves the thrill of a great deal more than me!! (just ask my friend Kim about our recent trip to Talbot's Outlet!!) so, on Thursday's I'll be posting some of my great finds, whether it's fashion, furniture or food. Also, if you have a great deal to share, please let me know in the comments section!!

One of my favorite catalogs is Ballard Designs. I get lots of great ideas and their room layouts are wonderful, but most of the things I like are a little pricey!!

I just got their late Summer catalog and saw this cute little Garden Bench that would look great on my screen porch.

The price listed for this cute little thing is...$139.00!! So, on a recent shopping trip to one of my favorite stores, Big Lots, I found this for... (drum roll please...)

$5.00!!!!!! I was so excited!! They have it categorized as "garden" so right now everything is 75% off~! Even at full price, that's over $100 less than the Ballard Design cost~!

Right now is the time to stock up on items like this that can actually be used year-round. So hurry into your local Big Lots, Trees & Trends, Hobby Lobby or even Lowe's and Home Depot to grab these great deals~!

Happy Hunting!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's Word...

Interior Decorating is a wonderful and exciting career (and hobby for that matter) but there are just so many things to remember, it's like learning a new language! So, I thought I would start a weekly post defining some of those terms. Might as well start at the beginning with the letter "A"...

So, Today's Word is..Acanthus Leaf!
The official definition is a thick scalloped leaf and it has been used since classical times, the most recognisable form is on top of columns. It is also used in architectural moldings and as a decorative form on furniture, lamps, shelves, etc. I actually have a shelf with Acanthus leaves..see below.

Here is another example of the Acanthus Leaf being used on a sconce..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Going for It...

Well, it's been ab-so-lutely too long since I've posted, so I decided to quit thinking about it, and actually do something about it. For an even added pressure, I created a Facebook page for my business, Interior Alternatives (hence the blog name!). I promise to keep both updated with pictures, ideas, tips and even discussion boards!! So, can I ask a favor and have you hop on over to FB and click on the "like" button for Interior Alternatives!! Thank you~!