Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Friday

First of all, sorry for staying away for so mind was on our vacation here.  Then we had to come back to reality and back to work! I've been catching up on things for my "real job" but I sure have missed blogging!

So, we are down to the last 15 days before Christmas and if you're like me, there are always last minute gifts to buy.  My daughter and I always have the big idea that we are going to make all of our Christmas presents.  She usually does what she says and I always just have big ideas and never seem to get around to doing everything I want! But, I found a few cute little presents you could throw together and give as a hostess gift, teacher's gift or your neighbor for that matter!

This sweet wreath is a snap to make. Using hot glue, attach unwrapped candy canes to a foam wreath form until the form is completely covered. Glue red Christmas baubles around the wreath in a balanced arrangement. Finish the wreath with a tone-on-tone bow.

Or this cute one..

Purchase a bag of cookie cutters for a few dollars and turn them into a clever Christmas wreath. Hobby Lobby has all of them half price right now.  Form the shapes into a circle, then wire the pieces together. Attach a pretty bow with hot glue and hang the wreath from a nail!

Have a Very Fun Friday!!