Monday, August 8, 2011

FUNday Monday~!!

I didn't used to enjoy "Mondays" very much.  It meant the start of a long stressful week at work but now that I am a full-time Home Manager, I look forward to Mondays! I love sitting down, planning my week of things to do to get my house in order and I decided to add a little "twist" and start each week with a quick, fun creative task.  

This week I wanted something new for my front door.  I have had a huge metal yellow butterfly on my front door since the Spring and it was time for a change.  Gardens are overflowing right now with beautiful, colorful fresh flowers and it's a shame to only have them in a vase inside.  My mother gave me this beautiful flat basket so I hung it on the door with a ribbon and suction cup; added a small plastic container of water and filled with fresh flowers!!  Remember to replace faded flowers with fresh ones when needed.

Make it a FUN Monday friends!!


amanda persinger said...

I love it!! btw...what else did you take from grandma that was "suppost" to be mine!?!?

Tammi said...

nothing..we left everything there so you would come over!! We will have to go "diggin" there soon!!