Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday's Word...


A tall chest of drawers raised up on high legs, beginning with the simpler William and Mary style of the late 17th century, culminating in the late baroque 18th century Queen Anne style, progressing into the early Georgian style, with an ornate top and extensive carvings; sometimes called a w:Tallboy, tallboy. American examples are highly prized by collectors.
During the Queen Anne period in America, the highboy attained its characteristic form. ... The cabriole leg was a distinctive feature developed in the Queen Anne period; its shape repeats the S-curve that dominated all Queen Anne design. "
This is the traditional Queen Anne style that you will find in most furniture stores and consignment shops.
This is the same one painted a beautiful yellow from a great blog,  Hi Sugarplum  I think it gives it a more updated modern look!

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